Leading the next generation.

Middle and High School Ministry

CREW is Communion Church's youth group. Middle and High Schoolers meet weekly for study and fellowship with each other. We provide an energetic and focused environment where questions and discussion are always welcomed. It allows us to go deep and dissect the word of God in a mature context.

Our Goal

It is at this point in an individual's life when they make their faith their own. Our goal as youth leaders is to root them in scriptural truths, foster Christ-centered friendships, guide them through grade school, and help build the firm, Christian foundation they will stand on as adults. Oh, and to have a crazy amount of fun!

Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm

We meet at Caleb's house in Clairemont, please text Caleb for the address 858.735.1463.


Caleb would love to help you.

Caleb Sherwood
CREW Youth Director
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